Monday 6 January 2020

Happy New Year . . .

Ugh...what a crazy few months! Glad we're now in 2020.

My last post (aside from the one where I shamelessly plugged my free book offer, and about UK tornadoes) was about my plans for Nano. Yes, that same nano that started back on November 1st. All that time ago. So, how did I get on, you ask?


Started off great. I actually managed to write just short of 20k words. This was within the first 2 weeks. Then everything kicked off. Work went crazy, I've had a few health issues, helping the parents plan a house move. Then arrived Christmas, more CRAZY workness seeing almost 12 hr days, more moving plans, the husband shifting jobs. I actually had 2 weeks off over Christmas and New Year and planned to do something pro-creative during that time. But did that happen? Did it b***cks.

So, my Nano piece, Rose Black, made it to 20k words. It' no 50k but it's a big chunk into it and it won't end there though. I'll pick up the pace again and continue with it at leisure now that things are starting to settle down again.

Why did they choose November to be National Novel Writing Month? It's more like National No Time To Write Your Novel As You're Too Busy With All Other Crap Leading Up To Christmas Month. February would be more suitable - or March (50k in 28 days? 29 in a leap year? I'll take the extra few days in March...) Hell, there are 10 other months to choose from that would be more ideal!

Still, moan over, lesson learnt, moving on.

In other news, my good friend, Simon Walker, actually published his first novel on Amazon. It's a dark science fiction based in an alternate London. It's a good read. Sounds like your sort of thing? Go check it out :) (the link is for Amazon UK but it's also available on .com)

Battlebridge by Simon J Walker - 

Happy New Year folks :)


  1. Happy New Year, great to hear you've been busy!

  2. I wonder about why they chose November, too. lol

    20K is wonderful. I always feel good when I reach that word count. :)

  3. Maybe doing Camp NaNo would be a better match for you. I've done those too. July even has an extra day!

  4. Yay for returning to your blog! And I 100% agree with you that NaNo should take place in the spring. November and December are far too busy to get 50K words written. But 20K is not a small amount, so congrats on that! Hope you have more time for creativity in 2020!

    With Love,

  5. Ha! I have to agree that November is a bad time for NaNo, lol. They probably picked it for the alliteration in the name...hahahaha

  6. 20k is fantastic! Congrats!
    I hope 2020 is a great year for you.

  7. Seems like January would be an ideal month for NaNo. 31 days, holidays are over, and it's cold and dark (at least in the n. hemisphere). November is always tough. Congrats on your 20K words!

  8. 'Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans' John Lennon :) Good luck in the new year!

  9. Congrats on the 20K! It sounds like you would have smashed the 50k had November not been hijacked. I agree it is a crazy busy month for such a challenge.

    Also congrats to Simon - from your one line pitch, it does sound appealing to me. I should check it out!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Little late on the new year, but wishing you the best 2020 possible (and that your January was amazing). Great job getting those words down! :)

  12. 20K is seriously respectable. I think you can definitely build on that. I'm sorry I didn't visit in January. I hope February is even more awesome!

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