Wednesday 6 May 2020

IWSG - May 2020

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This month's question:

Do you have any rituals that you use when you need help getting into the ZONE? Care to share?

Urgh! What is going on with the world at the moment? With everything going on, life has become pretty hectic, hence why I haven't posted for a while, but I do hope you are all doing okay.

For those who need reminding, I work two part time jobs, making up full time hours. Both are in online retail. I've been furloughed from one job at the moment, which, I thought, would suddenly give me a load more spare time to finish editing my WIP...but no. Work for job#2 has exploded, and even though it's not, it still feels like it's taking up all my time. But I'm not complaining. I'm counting my lucky stars I still have a job at all. My husband is still working. He's a lorry driver, bringing back NHS equipment from Europe so he's pretty flat out at the moment too.

Plus, my parents have just moved 200 miles from Devon to be closer to us. Their moving in day was literally the day the UK went into lockdown. The removals agreed to work one last day for them otherwise they'd have a new but empty house as all their belongings would have been held in storage until the lockdown lifts. As it was, we got them in, and then I disappeared to let them self-isolate and get settled in - which was easier said than done. I do all I can but I so wish I can do more to help get them settled.

Even though the lockdown is still in force, I do find myself finally getting into some kind of routine. Work is still hectic but I have managed to find some time recently to write, and I feel it's coming on really well. Of course, that nagging self doubt will rise its head at some point as it always does, but until then, my rituals to help get into the Zone:

Chores done
House empty (other half working)
Coffee by the side of me
Cats settled
Comfy position on the sofa
Laptop at the ready
Headphones untangled or Bluetooth speaker on
Music options selected (I use my phone)
Deep breath
Press play

That about does it for me. No burning incense or ritual incantations. I spend most of the day thinking about writing when I can't write so theoretically come writing time, I know what to write. I say theoretically...

What about you guys?

Anyway, keep safe everyone. Can't reiterate that enough.


  1. It does sound like you have been busy with work and trying to get your parents settled. Thank goodness they managed to get into their new house just in time. It's funny, we do sort of settle on a new way of doing things and glad you are finding some time to write. Best wishes

  2. I'm so glad your folks were able to get their furniture in! What a nightmare that'd have been otherwise.

    I heard at a conference that doing something creative first thing in the morning increases your creative productivity. So I've been working on two projects. The first one is a Christmas novella, and my goad is to write 300 new words on it per day. Then I get to the editing of two other projects (a duology). So far, so good.

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  4. With all the change, it's good you've been able to get some routine. Happy writing!

  5. Our family is lucky to be working also. I miss seeing my boys but we've all be staying away from each other.

  6. Hi DRC,

    It is a tough road for many of us right now, especially the ones with family. My family's scattered, and we are that close, so I have no stress there, but I do have many friends I worry about. Your parents know you are doing everything for them and THANKFULLY they made it into their new house. With these troubling times, the last thing we need is to be somewhat homeless. Right before the shutdown in Florida, I went to my winter condo. A week after I arrived BAM. Pinned up in a tiny condo with nowhere to go. After five weeks and 25 pounds later, I decided to jump into my Jeep and head back to my lovely large home in the frozen north. I drove 22 hours straight, not wanting to say anywhere. I couldn't believe what I many people not caring, not social distancing, and not sanitizing at the gas stations and rest stops. Once I got home I thanked GOD and relaxed for the first time in weeks. Spring has sprung here, except for the cold snap we had last night... spending every waking moment tending to gardens... they were in such a state because the house was uninhabited for several years and the owner's adult children didn't take care of it properly. So just take care of you and your family and don't worry about what you can't pleased at what you have accomplished!

  7. Glad to hear you're well and both working. That was good timing for your parents although must have been frustrating they're now so close but you couldn't see them - although in England you can now see one at a time outside, so that's something! We'll all muddle through somehow, with luck. Glad to hear you're getting some time to write. Creativity is a boost.

  8. All well that ends well. Keep safe :)

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