Friday, 15 January 2010

Pic of the Week . . .

I found a new Artist - don't ask me how. But `oh my god` I love her work . . .

Anne Stokes specialises in Gothic and fantasy, and has been a freelance illustrator for the last 12 years. As the fantasy writer that I am (with a tendency to sometimes swing to the Gothic side of life) I find her so inspiring! Already, while I flick through her art gallery, I have story ideas and plots running through my head. They're unstoppable!

And so I'm sharing her work with you in hopes that it gives you the same inspiration and enjoyment as it gave me . . .

`Summon the Reaper . . .`


  1. She does some pagan theme stuff as well. I've been buying her cards for a couple of years. They are stunning and she's amazing.

    BTW, got this for Xmas V happy.

  2. Oh...I'm liking that. Is that Victoria Frances?