Friday, 23 April 2010

Pic of the Week . . .

23rd April = St George's Day.

St George is a patron saint and often depicted slaying a dragon. Anne Stoke's (one of my favourite fantasy artists, and one who has been published many time on Pic of the Week) comment on Facebook was:

"Today is St George's Day here in England (UK). He is patron saint of the country and in legend is famous for killing a dragon. As you probably noticed I very much like dragons, so I am not sure I approve of this celebration! As with most festivals the English use it as an excuse for a drink, and this evening I shall raise my glass to the dragon ;) "

I love this message. It made me laugh . . . and I kind of agree with her. Tonight I shall also be raising a drink in memory of the dragon (although that drink will probably be coffee...)

Today's Pic of the Week will, of course, be of a dragon. Unfortunately the name of the artist escapes me as it is an old picture. Non-the-less, it is here to be enjoyed.

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