Friday 1 October 2010

Pic of the Week . . .

I've discovered a new artist (He may not be new, but he's new to me) and I feel blown away. His name is Ryu Takeuchi, and he specialises fairy art (I call him a he, but I'm only assuming here).

So what is about his work that I love?

Well, you can't deny that even from a distance it's eye catching. The contrast in colours are stunning (in these pieces. Others are fairly subtle), and I love the figures themselves, with their slender limbs and their curved stature. They're delicate and beautiful . . . and, what's more, it looks raw and not digitally remastered.

I love them, and it's because of this that I'm posting two for this week's pic of the week. I could have posted more, but I'll stick with two and keep the rest for the future.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



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