Friday 7 September 2012

Pic of the Week . . . Blue Moon

A couple of reasons why I've made this choice for Pic of the Week.

1st: I'm reading and critiquing a friends WIP at the moment and it's a Sci Fi which put me in the mood for something to do with space and the Apollo missions.

2nd: This month saw a Blue Moon.  What's a Blue Moon? I hear some of you ask...Well, allow me to explain as best as a non-scientific mind can.  Each month sees one full moon, however, depending on the rotation and length of the month ect ect, the odd month may see two full moons.  This happens on rare occasions - much like a leap year where it takes four years to make up an extra day.  This event is called a 'Blue Moon'.  Anyway, you can imagine my disappointment when I looked to the skies, eager to see the beautiful image of a rare blue moon, only to be told the truth and that it's not actually blue.


3rd:  I also, however, discovered the origins of certain phrase.  "Once in a blue moon...".  Hands up who's heard of this phrase?  For me, it's one I hear regularly, so I was delighted to learn that the event of a rare blue moon was what promtped this phrase to come about.  Clever that...

So, here's Nasa's picture of the day dated September 16th 2011, chosen in celebration of that recent Blue Moon that wasn't actually blue....

Enjoy and have a grand weekend...

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  1. I just learned about the Blue Moon this month too! That's a great pic.