Wednesday 18 September 2013

The Other Thing...

So, what was the other thing I needed to announce?  Oh yeah!

I finished my latest manuscript.

This piece has been somewhat interesting to write.  It wasn't that I had to do a lot of research in order to pull it off, it was the fact that it took me so long to finish - as opposed to the usual length of time it takes me.  This is through no fault of its own.  The poor thing wanted to be written, screamed at me and haunted my dreams, but I let it down.  I made it wait, and I think by the time the end come round, it had just run out of steam.

It took me just over two years.  That's outrageous for me!  Never mind the fact I wrote another novel and a collection of short stories in between times - that my life felt like it crumbled and was teetering on edges before slowly being patched together.  Taking over two years to write one novel is something I haven't done since my 'writerly pottering' back in the days of yore.

Since finding my comfort niche with my fantasy series, I've churned one novel a year, which I think is average when balancing work and social lives too, and it was something I thought to be good if I were to look at my writing seriously - producing a steady stream of work.  This one didn't turn out quite on time.

Then there's the fact that I broke my rule:  One novel at a time.  You need to focus, to get to know your characters and allow yourself deep into the story in order to get to know it well enough to do a good job.  For me, having a second project on the side - or even projects - broke the flow of things and had an effect on the overall outcome.

Anyway, my piece, Lady of the Seas, is finished - that is, the first draft.  Editing stages are well under way.  I feel a mile stone has been reached with this one, and there's been a weight lifted from my shoulders.  My characters are no longer screaming at me to finished their tale.  It's done.

And what does a writer do when it's done?  They start another one :)    


  1. Well, congrats! I'm sure it is great. Some projects just take longer to marinate, I think. I wish I could work on more than one thing at a time!

  2. YaY! That's great! My summer has been horrible for finishing anything. Can I borrow some of your energy?

  3. Hi,
    I wish I had the discipline to stick with one thing at a time. Maybe I'd finish faster then. Congrats on getting to 'the end'.

  4. Gosh, I thought I'd commented on this. I must be going bonkers. Suffice it to say I know the feeling well. For a time I've been lucky - editing one book as it's critted on the Workshop, whilst planning/writing the next book alongside. This new book I've started, I'm scared of. That's the unfortunate thing. Sometimes research becomes its own procrastination :). But well done you!