Friday 27 February 2015

Pic of the Week . . . Castle

I was just flicking through Google, looking for information on a post for next week when I come across this picture.  I haven't researched where it's from but I just loved it and so thought it deserved this week's spot.  The thing that drew me to it?  The way the dying light is playing across the actual castle.  And not forgetting the bright, autumn colours contrasting against the shadows.




  1. And now you have me wondering where it is! Scottish or French or somewhere else entirely. We shall never know! Thank you, Dawn.

  2. even got me curious so I googled it, and you know what? This image is a desktop wallpaper you can download. So now not even I can find out where it is. It does have that French appeal though, doesn't it...

  3. I found it! It's Kasteel de Haar in the Netherlands! Wow, I love google :)