Friday 4 December 2015

Pic of the Week . . . DareDevil

So, what does a writer do when they're not writing - or blogging? Well, watching a lot more TV, that's for sure. I've taken a very keen liking to the Netflix series Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and since finding out that the second series of Daredevil AND The Defenders, which bring them all together, are all on the cards, plus more, I'm am so excited. More time to spend not writing. Yay!

So what makes them different to the usual Marvel stuff that's out or in progress - which I also absolutely love? For starters, the writing. I don't know how they do it, but at some point they make you start routing for the bad guy - and you don't even realise it until you find yourself wishing they could have their happy ending (and question what the hell you're doing!). But in the words of Wilson Fisk, "Not everyone deserves a happy ending."

This week's Pic of the Week goes to NLMDA for his mind-blowing depiction of Charlie Cox as Daredevil. So go check out his other awesome pieces on his Tumblr website or like him on Facebook (which he deserves). He also does commissions too if his work can sway you.


Daredevil by NLMDA


  1. I'm hoping Jessica Jones will shown on other channels, and I'm puzzling as to where I can see The Expanse. I read it was on the Sci Fi channel over here in December, but can't find it in the listings. First world problems eh

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