Tuesday 25 July 2017

Book Launch . . . TUNNEL is up on Amazon!


It's up! It's published! TUNNEL is available on Amazon for kindle and print. It's very exciting. Below is the cover and the blurb.

Check it out HERE :)

Oh and almost forgot to say, as from tomorrow and the next 5 days, it's totally FREE so grab a copy while you can...


The London Underground, a convenient way to commute, with miles of tunnels weaving their way beneath the city – but with many of these tunnels now unused and abandoned, a whole new world unknown to the people above has evolved below the streets.

Mike travels the Underground every day for work, battling rush hour crowds all taking the same journey day in day out. He follows the unspoken underground etiquette every time, with his music playing in his ears and the avoidance of eye contact, and no one says a word as they routinely travel the tedious path life has given them.

An evening of working late means Mike misses these rush hour crowds. The platform at nine o clock in the evening is sparse of people, and the train car he boards offers plenty of seats. He settles down, listening to his music and preparing to travel the same journey taken hundreds of times before, only this time the journey offers something different, and as the train stops, trapping everyone beneath the streets, he realises they are not alone.

Something else, something terrifying, is lingering in the shadows of the Tunnel…


  1. Congrats! Fantastic news. I find the Underground quite nightmarish to begin with, so it offers rich material for horror!

    1. Thanks Nick, and indeed it does. Then binge watching episode after episode of the Walking Dead and adding that into the equation really gets the mind going... :)

  2. Good Lord, I thought you'd been shipped off to India! Congrats. Will snaffle a copy at once.

    1. Thanks, and no, not India, although that would have been nice. In fact anywhere would have been nice. Unfortunately it was just life just got in the way...hey ho :)