Friday 21 June 2019

A Good Omen for Good Omens . . .

I finished watching Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman last week. I have to admit that I've not read much Terry Pratchett but I am familiar with his work, and boy! you can see it come through in this. It is very Pratchett-esque. And that's a good thing. It's light hearted and good fun and the chemistry between Sheen's angel and Tennant's demon is just divine!

However, I had to laugh yesterday when I read in the news that 20,000 Christians have petitioned for NETFLIX to cancel the show, claiming it is normalising Satanism, amoung other things. Now, I'm not against people airing their opinions - everyone has a right to - but I'm shocked that 20,000 people failed to spot their one blinding error. Any guesses what that error might be?

One of Neil Gaiman's responses to this on Twitter, which made me chuckle, was:

"This is so beautiful. Promise you won't tell them."

And even though there have been a few tweets regarding this since then, the tweet from Amazon Prime to Netflix was, I thought, priceless...


  1. But you cannot really blame them, there really is Satanism everywhere... even parents dressing their kids in clothes with skulls on them or parents dressing their kids as characters from horror movies... sickness is everywhere around us!

  2. A specular own goal, but in terms of vested interests - my books Bloodline and The Gift I tend to agree that satanism is a pervasive force in our society :)