Thursday 19 November 2009

Novel Update . . .

It's finally finished! Well, from my perspective. The edited version of my novel is now about 70 words under the 131,000 count, and boy has it been a journey for me. I started it, got writers block in the middle and didn't want to continue, got passed that, didn't like the ending, recalculated . . .

All in all it's taken me about 2 years to write, give or take a few, but that isn't including the 5 - 6 month period between editing stages where I didn't touch it. I just left it to gather dust so that I could go back to it with a fresh eye. It's amazing how different your masterpiece reads after you've left it for so long. I actually quite enjoyed it.

So anyway, it has now seen it's 4th / 5th editing. I know there are still mistakes and plot holes, but I've now reached the stage where I can no longer see them. I've gone over it so many times that I can't see the forest for the trees, so they say. All that is left now is for my trusted colleagues to read through it and pin point my errors. They're good at critiquing, which is what it needs.

After that, and once any new errors have been corrected, it's off on the hunt for an agent . . . and then many more editing stages . . . lol

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