Tuesday 23 November 2010

An Attempt At Book Cover Illustrations . . .

Yesterday evening, whilst waiting for our weekly Writers' meeting, I grew bored. I wasn't in the mood for working on my WIP, and there's only so much you can surf the web for. So I come up with something else to entertain myself with.

I designed a front cover for my novel.

I know if - WHEN (keeping optimistic here) - I get published, the front cover design will most probably be taken out of my hands, but I still wanted to give it a shot for entertaining purposes. So, if I could design my own cover art, it would probably be something like this.

Of course it wouldn't be this exact picture. The art is someone else's that I found on the great wide web - it's just a shame I can't find the artist - but I can create something similar if I gave myself a bit of time. The main image portrays my female character perfectly - well, almost. She's a free-spirited gypsy with fiery red curls and green eyes. (The picture depicts more ginger hair and the original had blue eyes). But as a last minute find, I think it works great.

As for the Lieflund Sagas logo - Lieflund Sagas being my collective title - that is my own design (actually, I have this dragon tattooed on my foot) but this copy is a little rough around the edges and will need tidying . . .

. . . But as a first edition front cover, what do you think? I know they say never judge a book by it's cover, but would this entice you to buy???


  1. So awesome! I would totally love to design my own cover. Many people think that writers aren't artists (at least visual artists) but that is not true. Look at Cornelia Funke, for example: in one of her books, "Reckless" every chapter's first page displays her artwork, and it's really good!

  2. Who says that? lol...I haven't seen any of Cornelia Funke's work, but I'll be sure to look her up now. Thanks.

    I love drawing and designing just as much as writing. In fact, I sometimes think I make a better artist than a writer - which is a great thing to tell yourself to boost your confidence when trying to hunt for a publishing agent...lol