Tuesday 2 November 2010

Halloween Pumpkin . . .

I have to blog about this. I was well and truly impressed, in more ways than one.

As some of you may already know, not only am I a writer (or trying to be) but I also dabble in art. I have a skilled hand when it comes to drawing. This was why my brother-in-law enlisted me to help carve his pumpkin.

`But that's eaaaasy . . .` I hear you say. And indeed it is. Everyone who likes to celebrate Halloween carve pumpkins. But wait! There's more. Here are the reasons why I was impressed:

1: I've never carved a pumpkin before. When I was younger, my parents never bought us a pumpkin to carve, and seeing as I have no children (apart from a teenage step-son) and live in an area where no one goes trick-or-treating, there's no real point in going over the top. Therefore, I had never carved a pumpkin before.

2: The pumpkin was no ordinary pumpkin. It was a monster - a big fat beast! In total it weighed just over 9 stone. It was HUGE! My sister aquired it from a friend which then lead my brother-in-law having ideas.

3: It looked good.

These are the reasons whyI was impressed. Take a look . . .

It includes a headless horseman, a church, numerous gravestones, a hand reaching out of a grave, and a bat. Here are some close ups . . .

And the pumpkin, in light, leaning up against my sister's washing machine (Just to give you an idea how big it truly is)