Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Doodles of a Writer . . .

Well, after my discovery on Friday of Jason Chan and his fantastic piece, I decided to go home and attempt my own piece.

As dipicted in my new novel, the King of the Seas is a legendary creature that lurks beneath the waves, consisting of the torso of a man and the tenticles of an octopus (thought I was being original...meh!). This was what my imagination saw.

Anyway, as stated in my profile I'm also a bit talented with the grahite pencil. After some time of consideration, I've decided to put to use the 'Pages' feature on blogger and create a page purly for my art.

Say Hi to the new page 'Doodles of a Writer' . . .

It's a work in progress at the moment, and I am in the process of loading pictures. Stay tuned.

I do have to warn some people though about the nudity. I love drawing the human body - what can I say . . .



  1. Hey there! Great to hear from you again. :)

    Your new novel sounds fascinating so far. I like the idea of a half octupus/half man creature. It sounds haunting. :D

  2. Hey WB! Thanks! :D

    The King of the Seas is a great character - but the only problem is he doesn't actually have a physical role in the story. He's just a legend, like Neptune. Still, I may use him in later pieces. Who knows...

  3. Why do all your characters run around naked? Is this some kind of freudian problem?