Tuesday 3 May 2011

Writers and Exercise . . .

People say that writing is a lonely game. I read many blogs about such things not so long ago. The fact is, it can be, but then it isn't. It depends on the writer. Shutting yourself away from the world so you can have some quality time creating your new one isn't everyone's idea of a good time - but for the writer, it might sound like heaven. And, let's face it. They won't be entirely on their own. Their characters will be with them.

I bring this up now because I have nothing else to blog about at the moment and I'm in danger of becoming a full time Hermit.

I like my own company. I'll quite happily sit at home, just me and the cat, and spend all that time creatively. And with a husband who is a lorry driver and away most of the week, I almost get my wish - but it's not healthy. Now I'm working from home, so I have no more travelling into the office everyday, no more interacting with people - it is literally just me...ALL DAY! Definitely not healthy.

So I've taken up going for walks in my lunch break or, like today, going for a bike ride. I used to bike all the time before we moved. I used to ride to and from work everyday and I loved it. It kept me fit and gave me the exercise that I wouldn't have otherwise got from working behind a desk all day. Then we moved away, then I got a driver's licence and now I get no exercise at all. (So you can imagine how I'm feeling today - exhausted, sore and reminded how unfit I am.)

However, despite deadlines and just that one more paragraph that needs writing, remember that getting out, socialising and getting some exercise is just as important. You'll be no good to anyone if your not healthy and in no state of mind to write that best selling novel. Once that's done, then you can shut yourself away.

Prioritise. Health or Novel.

And it was just bad luck for Stephen King to get hit by a car on one of his daily walks all those years ago.

Right, well I'm now off to sulk and nurse my aching muscles. Tomorrow is but another day . . .


  1. I have to wonder at some writers or would be writers who shut them selves away, creativity needs fresh input in the form of conversations, new faces and places, socialising is the life blood of creativity, or are they just trying too hard to make themselves special?

  2. Hey Joy!

    I don't know. I agree with you completely that you need fresh input from conversations, places and fresh faces (I love sitting, muling over a latte and people watching, lol) but it's an easy trap to fall into, I realise that now. I'm trying not to succumb.

  3. I schedule an hour or so of exercise during my writing days. Sitting around for hours on end makes my butt larger. :P

  4. Yeah, I've been missing exercise for the winter, but with warmer weather, I'll go out on my near-daily hikes again. I need to shed a few pounds. :-)

  5. Writers who shut themselves away would do so even if they weren't writers. Besides you're not THAT lonely, you have us fellow writers to commune with every week.

  6. Hey Darke Conteur...an hour's good. My butt does the same. I reckon they figure since we're doing so much sitting, they may as well help out and develop some more cushioning for us. Don't they realise that's NOT helping at all??? lol...

    Tony, we're also in the same boat with a few pounds to shed...

    And Martin, you have no idea how gratefull I am for our weekly meetings ;D xx