Friday 29 April 2011

Pic of the Week . . . Will and Kate's Royal Wedding . . .

I wasn't going to get all hyped up about the Royal Wedding - but who was I kidding. The TV was on in the house at 8am this morning. I said to myself that it would just be on in the background - but I ended up watching it from beginning to end. I just couldn't help myself.

I love the Royal Family. The Queen reminds of my nan in a way; the Duke of Edinburgh and his inappropriate actions crack me up, and the amount of pain those two princes have been through is enough to break anyone's heart. Therefore they deserve every last drop of happiness - and my wishes go out to both Will and Kate (oh, I stand corrected; the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge).

Some people may disagree with Kate marrying a Royal seeing as though she comes from a common background - but it's not the first time a commoner has married a Royal. Cast your mind back to history lessons, to the 1400's and the War of the Roses. Elizabeth Woodville caught the eye of Edward IV and became Queen Consort. Okay, their marriage didn't have a happy ending, but they married for love and against everyone's expectations, and if times had been different, I imagine their life together would have been long and happy. Just as I hope the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's will be.

So this week's Pic of the Week is dedicated to them with huge congratulations:

Oh, and Kate's dress was STUNNING!!!!!!!

Royal rant over . . .


  1. I hope thay have more happiness than his parents had.

    But I still think the brides father should have paid for the whole shebang.

  2. Kate looked stunning but William was no slouch either.

  3. Of course he wasn't. They both done the country proud...I wish them well.