Saturday 10 March 2012

Pic of the Week . . . Anne Sudworth

A day late but Hay-Ho.

I happily discovered this artist via facebook and I have to say, her work blew me away! I'm an artistic person, but that lies best with charcoal and pencil. Working in colour isn't my forte - as much as I'd like it to be. I'm a perfectionist, and I hate it when a piece of work I'm working on doesn't go as planned - often the result when I'm working in colour.

But I have to repeat, this artist blew me away!!!

The way she handles her materials is phenomenal. She mainly uses pastels, and she's mastered her technique to perfection. Her work has a gothic feel to it that gives it a mysterious, ethereal feel, and the way she manages to capture moon light and illumination in a night backdrop is breathtaking. When I first say her work I found myself looking twice to ensure it wasn't a photo, but it's not. It's all been created by her talented hand.

Introducing Anne Sudworth. This piece is titled White Goddess and features Stonehenge, a place as mystical and breathtaking as her work.

Seriously, you guys have to check her out.

Hope you all have a great weekend - what's left of it.