Tuesday 22 January 2013

Inspiration In Locations...

Inspiration is all around us - everywhere we look.  From the streets of London and the architecture that follows, to the rolling hills of the countryside and coastal shores.

So many times whilst driving somewhere I've become lost in thoughts and dreams as I watch the world go by (luckily whilst I've been a passenger and not driving.  That could create a few problems...) and so many times ideas have come to me; locations in my fantasy world have come to life, followed by its history, and I see my characters travelling through or living there.  Inspiration really does follow us everywhere, and when you're looking you can see so much beauty.

So, when you hear the saying 'too beautiful for words', does this ever ring true?


I was inspired by watching a Top Gear challenge (for those that don't know, Top Gear is a TV show about cars etc etc).  The challenge saw the trio (Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond) venture to Vietnam with 3 run down scooters and bikes, and they had to travel across the country on these, a journey that took them to Halong Bay.  I was mesmerised.  It's so beautiful, and as soon as I saw it, I knew a place like this would exist in my world and in my WIP.  Just look at it!

So with something like this, how can you find the words to describe it and do it justice, to bring across the breathtaking feeling I feel when ever I see it?  It's a challenge.  A challenge that I accept.

So, what places have inspired you? And have you ever found yourself 'lost for words' when it comes to describing it?


  1. Those are some beautiful places, I tend to not get that inspired by setting, but the rare times I have I've really gotten carried away with it.

    1. When you find inspiration in something, it's so easy to get carried away...been there, done that :)

  2. This place looks incredible! I love the challenge of getting a setting that you know so well onto paper, I when you love your setting, it bleeds through.