Friday 11 January 2013

Pic of the Week . . . Nimarra

ON THIS DAY January 11th 1693 Mount Etna erupted, and a connected earthquake destroyed part of Sicily. 

Because of this I thought I'd base this weeks Pic of the Week on volvanic activity and the likes.  This picture is a wallpaper I found created by an artist going by the name of Nimarra

Enjoy and have a grand weekend :)


  1. Dramatic AND depressing - I'm thinking of the Australian bushfires

  2. Such a contrast! The dead tree in the foreground, against the beautiful tree in the background. Truly a dramatic effect.

  3. It is a dramatic picture. And the one tree surviving it all is a huge contrast. I'm sure there's a hidden meaning behind this picture; maybe something along the lines of life prevailing...

    Thanks guys. Glad you like it :)