Friday 15 February 2013

Pic of the Week . . . For Russia's Meteor

So...Russia was attacked by a meteor, huh?  Wow...*Shudders...

A little fact about me:  Things like that scare me. I couldn't even bring myself to watch Deep Impact and Armageddon when they came out (still haven't to this day).  These films may be fiction but the threat is very much real in my eyes.  It could happen and it's that defenceless feeling it leaves you with.  There's nothing you can do but wait and pray for a miracle.  

I once wrote a short piece for our writers group and posted it on here a few years back (although some of the characters were changed).  What would you do if you only had an hour before the world ended?  How would you spend that last hour?  In truth, I'd probably spend it alone.  My family are too far away, my husband away most of the week, and so it would be me and my cat. And then I began to feel guilty because as much as I love my cat, I wouldn't be able to protect her.  In the end I contemplated a nice bottle of wine, some sleeping pills to share with my feline friend and a warm bed to snuggle down in.  Even now, just thinking about it makes me shudder.  What would you do in the last hour?

And so, to honour those who have had the fright of their lives today I've gone for a Sci-Fi theme picture.  A wallpaper.

Enjoy and have a great weekend, everyone. And remember, keep looking to those skies :)



  1. It's a good point - most people would probably react that they'd spend it with family, but what if you couldn't get there? Luckily my wife works close enough that I could run if transport was out. :)

    BTW, thanks for your offer of help with my anthology cover. I emailed you; could you let me know if you received it?

    1. Hi Nick

      It's good when you're that close to family in situations like this. Let's hope it never happens :)

      As for the email, no I didn't receive. My email is:

      Try again and look forward to receiving it :)

    2. I tried again Dawn, but it was definitely that address, maybe it went to spam - strange things happen sometimes...

      Thanks again!

  2. In the Barn Theatre Youth Group we put on a show that was about the last our before the end of the world. Every charcter reacted differently. It was fun to do. I played a teenager trying to get laid before the big event, haha.

    I dont share your fear though, I actually found it incredible. Not the injuries of course, just the visuals and magnitude. I saw it as quite magical in a way, like the Ancient Greeks used to see meteor showers as gwork of the gods. I prefer the thought that the earth / space is still the big dog with all the control. I don't want humans to be able to control everything! That world would scare me more!

    1. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm fascinated by space and all it's mysteries. I truely am. It's just the fear of somehting that can't be controled and that's out of our hands. I'd at least like a fighting chance :)

      That show sounded like a good investigation into different people's psychies. I like that. And yep, a teenager wanting to get laid wouldn't surprise me :)

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    1. If it was three minutes I may even boil and egg :)