Friday 29 November 2013

Pic of the Week . . . Thor: The Dark Work

I watched Thor: The Dark World in the cinema the other night and I loved it!  Yeah, just like the first one I felt they may have skimmed over a few things that would have been better explained, but I couldn't fault the over-all movie itself, plus the eye-candy that went with it in the form of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston.  And give credit where credit is due, the graphics are spectacular.  I'm so glad we're living in an age where anything can be created for the big screen and look real - depending on budget, of course.  Sadly I only got to see it in 2D, but I can only imagine how great it would have seemed in 3D.

Asgard stunned me.  For any Fantasy or Sci-Fi writer out there, any creator of cities or worlds, Asgard sits on a visual level that we dream of.  If you create a city that's huge, spectacular and beautiful all at the same time, sometimes it can be hard to portray that in words.  You can see it, but can you write it and do it justice?  I only hope that should anyone choose to create my cities for the big screen (thinking widely here lol ) that they do it just as much justice as what they did for Asgard.

So for those who have yet to see it, do so, and do it before it disappears from the big screens.  Nothing compares to watching something on that scale (and a word of advice?  Stay until the very end of the credits, and I mean the VERY end) :)  And for Pic of the Week??  Well, I've given enough already, haven't I?  Or maybe I'll just post one more of the Bifrost...


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  1. So beautiful! I still haven't seen it yet, and I doubt I will see it in the theatre. I'll have to wait until it comes out on PPV. Ah well, that's okay. Just means I'll be more comfortable. :D