Monday 18 November 2013

The World Is An Awesome Place For Inspiration. . .

My lunch breaks at work mostly comprise of eating while flicking through Google news to find out what's going on around the world, followed by a quick browse through the Entertainment section, followed by a study of the Science section.  I admit that most sciencey stuff goes over my head, but there are still some amazing things going on out there, especially when they post articles about the Mars Rover and it's discoveries.  I follow as Nasa track comets, shooting stars, when satellites come crashing back down (I've often contemplated walking around with an umbrella in case something wants to hit me on the head... lol).  At the moment I'm following news on the sun's poles shifting and wondering what impact it will have on us.  Apparently it's an 11 year cycle and results in some amazing Northern Lights - which I would absolutely love to see.

The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are a classic example of how this world alone - forgetting all the amazing things that are being discovered among the skies - is over-flowing with inspiration.  I've used the Aurora Borealis in my pieces before.  It's a spectacular phenomena that isn't used enough.

Or how an Albatross can travel 10,000 miles without landing or using any energy reserves.  It lives on its 3.5m wingspan...

Another thing that's captured my attention today is the eruption of Mount Etna.  Did you know volcanoes can blow smoke rings...???  National Geographic published some spectacular photos of Mount Etna.  It reminded me of world building and the landscapes you can include.  Imagine something like this becoming a daily occurrence.  Imagine the backdrop you'd give your story?  I love it all :)  So if you're looking for inspiration on world building and what to include, just read the Science Section on Google News...



  1. Now that's cool. Reminds me of that beginning scene in LOTR when Bilbo and Gandalf were smoking. :D

  2. I have bookmarked so much 'science articles' that got my creative juices going and the problem is, once bookmarked they're promptly forgotten. What I can say is you do seem to have a fruitful and disciplined approach to your lunch hour. I just watch the news : ( or should that be a : ) ?