Monday 3 March 2014

Cumberbomb . . .

I was having a pretty lame day at work today until I read the news during my lunch break and spotted this:

Most of us know it was the Oscars last night.  I haven't looked up who won what or who wore (or didn't wear) what, but one thing suddenly jumped to my attention and made me laugh.  Judging from my last post, most of you should know I've become ever-so slightly obsessed with the UK series, Sherlock - and that confession should include not just Sherlock, but Benedict Cumberbatch

Anyway, what better way to cheer up a dull day than with photos of Cumberbatch photobombing U2 last night.  I'm speechless...and not sure if that's due to the grin on my face or my attempts at suppressing hysterical laughter in the office :)  Hope these cheer your day up as much as they did mine.  You can read the full article here:

I love it when stars show a human side.


  1. love the jacket on that first U2 guy on the left, forgot his name.

  2. I've seen that pic. Definitely fun.