Monday 19 May 2014

In Which Wiki Will Tell You Who You Were...

This fun and interesting thing is going around facebook at the moment.  Have you facebook-junkies seen it yet? :)

I tried it.  I typed my date of birth in the above format and I got:

Ironically, according to Wiki, Lesser Samuels was a Hollywood screenwriter for 20 years.  However, he also wrote and was associate producer for the biblical flop, The Silver Chalice, in which Paul Newman, who starred, declared it the low point of his career.

Interesting that both I and the person I supposedly was in a former life were both writers - albeit bad ones.  Gotta love facebook :)

Anyway, type in Google your date of birth in the above format and see who you get.


  1. That's just awful. lol. Now, I gotta try it. =)

    1. Hope you were someone interesting :)

  2. Bugger it. I'm Brigadier General Sir Walter Ramsay McNicoll KBE, CB, CMG, DSO (27 May 1877 – 24 December 1947) an Australian teacher, soldier, and colonial administrator. Thank you very much for that : )

  3. Yeah, saw this on Facebook but resisted the urge to do it. Now I'd done it and realize i should've stuck to my initial feelings. Apparently, I was Elyesa Bazna, a spy for the Nazis in WWII. Boooooooooo. The funny thing is, I'm such an enemy to lies, I'm really not a good dissembler at all. The other funny thing is that this dude was a singer, which I am as well. Creeeeeeeepy. :-)