Thursday 19 June 2014

Zombie Binge Time . . .

I'm playing catch up.

We don't have Sky or any major TV channels.  We have Freeview instead which gives you a few extra but nothing special.  I don't watch much TV as a rule so refuse to pay out for something that isn't really going to get used to its full potential.  However, if I get into a TV series, I get into it in a big way, and if it isn't on Netflix (a godsend for filmage) then I buy the DVD and I BINGE!  I've lost days of my life.

Anyway, because of this I'm a little behind on some of the greats.  I'm literally coming to the end of Season 1 of Game of Thrones after a friend lent me the DVD and I've just ordered a show that I know will keep me locked away.

The Walking Dead

I saw the first episode round my sister's one weekend, and its hooked me left, right and centre.  So, if you don't hear from me in a while it's because I have my hermit shell in place and the remote in my hand.  With 3 seasons available to me, I may be a little while :)

It's Zombie Time!!!!


  1. I buy DVD's because I think I want them - and I do - but I never watch them. I just feel reassured they're on the shelf. My family won't buy me any more DVDs : (

  2. I've seen the Walking Dead, but I find I don't really have time to get stuck into a show any more. I don't get addicted to it or anything. It's pretty much Big Brother in the background!

  3. I'd watch out. You know what binging will do to you. Obsession is sure to follow.

  4. I don't usually watch a lot, but when I do - such as the Walking Dead - it consumes me. Obsession is actually here!! :)