Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Quick Tunnel Update . . .

It's been a busy week. Out every evening - and that's exhausting when your an introvert and a hermit like me. I like my time, with evenings for just me, the cats and the freedom to do what ever I want, be it writing, reading, drawing or lounging in front the TV. But I also know it's not exactly healthy so I make allowances and some evenings I do go out and be sociabe - believe it or not.

This week felt full on though. Monday I usually meet friends. Tuesday I was dragged to see the meatloaf show 'Bat out of Hell' - which was good but not being a real meatloaf fan, I didn't really know many words to the songs, unlike my mother-in-law who was merrily blasting in my ear the entire way through. Wednesday evening I put myself under the needle of a tattoo gun (that wasn't fun) and then on Thursday I went and saw the huge Blue Whale display at the Natural History Museum in London. That was good - although I was very paranoid over my sore arm and felt the need to protect it againt the London crowds. Friday and the weekends are always reserved for family and the hubby.

The Blue Whale at the Natural History Museum

Anyway, imagine my delight after a busy week, to check my book, Tunnel, on Amazon and to find reviews on .com - GOOD reviews! two 4 stars and two 5 stars. I'm over the moon with these and there's nothing like a good review to boost your confidence enough to put fingers back to keyboard.

So here's to many more hours of hopeful productivity... :)


  1. Will you be showing us your brand new tattoo?

    1. Just written a whole blog post on it...just for you :)