Sunday 17 July 2011

Last Week's Pic of the Week . . . Michael Whelan

My apologies for the lateness of the blog. It's a fact among us all that family comes first.

Fellow blogger Michael Offutt asked in a comment if I was aware of artist Michael Whelan, and what I thought about his work. For those who don't know, Michael Whelan is a fantasy and sci-fi artist, and his works fit in wonderfully well with Pic of the Week.

By name, I hadn't heard of him. I had no idea who Michael Whelan was. Curious, I had to Google him . . . and was surprised. I knew his work. He illustrated two of the Dark Tower Books; the first 'The Gunslinger', and the last 'The Dark Tower'. I remember when reading, I had to flick through and look at the art, and thought that out of all the books (minus the first three as they were paperback and weren't illustrated) The Dark Tower was the best.

So this week's - sorry, last week's - Pic of the Week is dedicated to Michael Whelan with his depiction of Stephen King's 'Crimson King'.

Thank you Michael Offutt for pointing him out to me.



  1. No problem DRC. I own two of Michael Whelan's art books and the man is a genius. I've stared for hours at his art wondering how someone could paint things with such intricacy.

  2. I love Michael Whelan's art. I own a couple of his books too.

  3. He's amazing. I'd love to be able to afford him as a cover artist!

  4. He is very good. There was one piece I was considering publishing. It's of a woman wearing a white bird mask. Very pretty, but reminded me a little of the sorceress from

  5. DRC...that woman in the picture is from the book "The Snow Queen". Each of the symbols on the mask means something in the book. He also illustrated "The Summer Queen" with an even more detailed mask.