Tuesday 12 July 2011

To Write Or Not To Write . . . That Is The Question

Well, I want to write. I really do. But every time I open my WIP the words don't want to come. I don't know why. Is it writer's block? Or is it just my lazy streak being allowed more rein than usual?

I've been reading a lot of blogs just recently, as well as talking to fellow writer buddies, and they're saying the exact the same. They're going through a lull and their words just aren't flowing. Why not? Is there something in the air? Is there some conspiracy to stop writers writing? Maybe the Internet is getting so flooded with ebooks, 'they' (you know, thems) have decided to take drastic action to slow us down . . . or maybe it's just because Summer is here and people would rather spend their evenings out in the garden as opposed to cooped up at their work space.

Hmm . . . I know which theory I'd go for ;D

Or is it writer's block? I've gone from someone who couldn't put a pen down, to someone who can't be bothered to pick it up. My zessed for my WIP is still there, flowing strong. I dream and plot about it while laying in bed at night (oh, the words seem to flow without a problem then . . . grrr); I visualise my characters as if they're real people; I put them in other situations to see what they would do, hoping to get to know them better and get a feel of how their minds work.

And as usual, I'm thinking about the next installation in my world. I'm plotting, planning, visualising, building and creating . . . but I'm not writing. I'm so excited about my work that it confuses me why I'm having difficulties just sitting down and doing the deed.

Maybe I've just allowed myself to get too slack. One blog mentioned that once you get out of the habit of writing, it's hard to get back into it. Maybe that's what my problem is. I need to be more strict! I need assert my authority over myself, and tell myself that I'm not leaving this desk until I've written so many hundred/thousand words. Maybe I need to be taken and shackled to the whipping post outside my house and whipped back into shape . . . (gasp! maybe that's a bit too kinky)

Either that or can somebody please track 'thems' down and tell them to stop putting stuff in the air that prevents people from writing! Thank you!


  1. Or sometimes you need a quiet period to get the words flowing again. Have a read of this http://blogs.hbr.org/johnson/2011/07/go-ahead-take-that-break.html

  2. 'zessed' or 'zest'?

    If you have the ideas at night, get out of bed and write them down. Even if it DOES mean treading on the cat.

  3. Thanks Victoria. Interesting stuff...

    Michael, I think you're right. The lure of a pint (or half in my case) in a sunny pub garden is too strong for most people.

    And Martin, I think it may actually be Zest...lol. Oops. And it's not that I have my ideas at night - the ideas are already there - I just go over scenes and see how they pan out in words. Does that make sense?

  4. You should still get up and write them down...whatever the cat thinks.

  5. You know, I been thinking of things that stimulate me to write and one of them happens to be interesting pictures. If you want to write, but just don't feel a pressing need to do so...try taking a look at some awesome pictures or paintings one websites. Take a look at Michael Whelan (example) and if you do so...let me know what you think of his illustrations.