Friday 1 July 2011

Pic of the Week . . . Marvel-lous Characters . . .

This week - a little different - I've decided to approach the art of Marvel Comics. I've never really got into comics, but I don't disagree that some of the art work that goes into it is fantastic.

I've recently been asked to design a tattoo for a friend involving four Marvel X-Men characters; Wolverine, Storm, Beast and Gambit. Because of the first X-men film and the children's cartoon (from what I remember of it) I'm familiar with the first three, but Gambit is a little shady to me. Anyway, my friend showed me some pictures that he wouldn't mind being Incorporated into his tattoo, and so I've been playing with photoshop and put together a quick mock of what I intend to draw. (In case you're wondering, and in case you can see, the pixel quality of Wolverine is awful, and his arms have been stolen from another picture . . . :D)

During my search into these characters, I did come across one piece that caught my eye. The piece conveys the romance between Rogue and Gambit, as well as incorporating their powers. As you can see, Rogue is reaching up with her hand, her glove being dropped behind her, knowing that when she touches Gambit she's going to drain his powers. Gambit, however, has his cards and displays what ever powers he possesses. (If someone knows more than me and can fill in the blanks here, I'd appreciate it).

Anyway, have a good weekend and enjoy!

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  1. The fascination of comic book characters. Any chance of some daffy duck and bugs bunny?