Friday 7 October 2011

Pic of the Week . . . Libra

Monday is a very special day for WTF's. Why? It's his second birthday. That's right! WTF's - Writing Thrilling Fiction will be two years old on Monday. Time has flown by and they grow so quick (wipes sentimental tear from eye)...

Anyway, having a birthday on the 9th of October makes WTF's a Libra on the Zodiac calender. So, what I thought would be fun would be to compare WTF's with the typical traits and characteristics of a Libra (complimentary of this website) and see how he holds out.

1: Desires Popularity - Too true. With 51 followers and 9 NetworkedBlogs followers, he's pretty happy with that and he cherishes every single one of them, but his heart always flutters with excitement with the discovery of a new follower.

2: Loves Art - Friday's Pic of the Week should answer this clearly.

3: Neat - WTF's can spend ten minutes writing a blog post but spend the next hour playing with the layout and making sure his pictures are positioned just yeah, I think neatness plays a contributing factor.

4: Dresses Up For The Occasion - Any festive holiday and WTF's usually comes themed.

5: Slight Perfectionist - I'll refer you back to trait number 3.

6: Narcissism - Yeah...even I have to admit that WTF's does suffer with a slight case of Vanity. What can I say. He likes to look pretty and feel good about himself.

7: Charitable - Erm...he's willing to give advice and tips on writing if anyone wants it...

8: Bossy at Times - He did tell ya'll to go check out two other blogs last post. I think that's his bossy side peering through the exterior there.

9: Plans Ahead - 9 times out of 10 yeah. He always knows what he's going to blog about before hand.

10: Attention to Detail - ookay...again I'll refer to you to Trait number 3 and 5.

11: Loves Public Service - He wouldn't publish a post if he didn't think that someone somewhere out there wouldn't find it helpful (at least he hopes). Does that count as public service??

So there you go. Yep, WTF's definitely holds a few Libra traits. I don't know where he gets them from. I'm a Capricorn.

And now for Pic of the Week. A Libra Man by an unknown artist. I can't enlarge it clearly enough to make out the inscription at the bottom. Sorry.

Enjoy and have a grand weekend!


  1. Congrats! My oldest and youngest are both Libras. Um, not sure if I see any of that yet. =)

  2. lol...give them time. I'm a typical Capricorn, and my neice - my 10 year old neice - she's a Gemini and a right little madam she is with it too...bless her.

    Did you see my last post from Tuesday? I officially thanked you for your award ;)

  3. Are you sure you're describing WTF and not you? Bossy, Narcissistic and Vain? hehehehehehehe

  4. What a clever, clever idea for a blog birthday!! Happy birthday on Monday!