Saturday 19 November 2011

Pic of the Week . . . Book Covers

I didn't blog yesterday. I completely forgot! I neglected Pic of the Week and I can't believe I done that! So I'm it doing today instead.

Firstly I'd like say a big WOW to Kelley, who impressed me this morning by saying that not only did she change stories a quarter (or so) into Nano, but that she has written 36,000 words in 8 days!

36,000 words!!!

I'm impressed.

As for Pic of the Week, I thought, because I spent most of yesterday designing front covers for the three books that are being published on the 27th under our Starfish PC, that I'd share what I done.

First is my own cover for Son of Jack, which I'm sure you're all familiar with. I just altered the size to match the others.

The Second is a cover for my colleage Martin Willoughby's work, a Sci-Fi comedy, which looks like it may be titled 'The Good, The Bad, and the Green Gloop'. Because this title has yet to be confirmed, and because I have a limited selection of fonts, the title has been left and will be added later.

This cover is for my other colleage, Susan Maylor who's Justice: Served Cold is the first in her Nathan Turner crime series. She yet to confirm if this will be the final cover yet. Will keep you posted.

All these books will be available to download via Amazon, as well as our website from the 27th November. And, if you purchase on the their launch day, the 27th, you get a signed copy. Yes, a signed eBook. We are clever. . .

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Oh, thanks for the shout out DRC!

    And I love, love, love that cover! :)

  2. Kelley: I give credit where credit's due... :)

    Michael: I just throw random images or stuff that I draw together in Photoshop. Wonderful thing that is :D

    And yes, Martin. Roll on 27th. Where's your text for your cover????

  3. I was stunned by the 36K, makes me want to write more tomorrow.

  4. Good luck with the launch. So, how exactly do you sign an ebook? I don't know much about them yet - I'm hoping for a Kindle from Santa!

  5. Thanks Nick. I'm hoping for some money towards a kindle fire to be dropped down my chimney for christmas. It'll be my first kindle but I like the idea of colour. Like you, I'm still new to the whole world of ebooks (still a traditionalist at heart), but I'm learning, and Son of Jack is helping me branch out.

    As for signing an ebook, we've added an extra page with a message on. This edition will be available for sunday only, and then we'll replace it with a standard copy.

    S'very exciting!!

  6. You are a busy writer/ artist/ and all around good person. Keep it up!


  7. So impressive that you make covers, too! That's quite a skill to have. I bet your colleagues love you!

  8. Thanks Blaze. That's so sweet xx

    And Peggy, I love designing covers just as much as writing, so yeah, I guess for my colleagues, I'm a useful person to know :)

    The good thing about self publishing is you get to use the cover you want. With traditional publishing it's not so easy...