Tuesday 15 November 2011

Son of Jack is Ready . . .

. . . almost.

All it needs is some final tweaking and whacking all together to make one long novel. Front cover is done, eBook trailer done but needs tidying and updating, and all-in-all, it's looking good. Roll on November 27th. Amazon launch date.

Another novel being published on the 27th under our Starfish PC is Martin Willoughby's...book. It's a Sci-fi comedy with lots of space travel, lots of time travel, breeding and quantum green goo (my name for it). The book is all ready to go except for the final title. We're still debating that one.

Another is a Crime novel, Justice: Served Cold, the first in a Nathan Turner Crime Series. Hopefully this book will be joining our launch, too. We lost a fourth, The Devil She Is, a compilation of humerous equine tales, due to time issues but it should be reappearing next year, along with another thriller called The Kindred, and, no doubt, something else written by yours truly. It's all happening here on Walton's Mountain.

In the meantime, allow me to remind you of Son of Jack via its original trailer.



  1. I know...lol. First novel to be published. I have a big grin from ear to ear...

  2. Looks great, my friend!. I love the trailer too.