Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Competition Time...Chance To Win Some Freebies!!

Allow me to bring to your attention a competition that is being held by Starfish Publishing via Martin Willoughby.

(snippet stolen from his blog)

I'm offering a choice of two ebooks from Starfish Publishing's current list for the three lucky winners. Anyone who enters will have their name hand-written by a handsome man (not me) or beautiful woman on a hand-cut piece of paper. The three winners will be drawn by two lovely ladies and one gorgeous man (still not me) who will stick their hands in a hat and rummage around to find you

It's easy to enter. Here's what you have to do:

To enter simply go to Martin Willoughby's blog and do any/all of the following:

1. Tell Martin Willoughby in the comments section of his blog that you want to enter.
2. Go over to Facebook and 'like' us, then tell him in the comments section.
3. Go to twitter and stalk...errrr...follow us, then tell him in the comments section.
4. Follow the Starfish Blog, then tell him in the comments section.

You get one entry for each of the above and the closing date is midnight, Monday 12th March, GMT.

Go enter...and good luck!


  1. I may extend the deadline by another week, but not a second more. I'm cruel like that.

  2. Haha. I love Martin :) Thanks for sharing!