Thursday 30 August 2012

Book Trailers . . .

It's been a busy week or so.  I've had an interview for what sounds like the perfect job for me (fingers crossed I get it), I've been to Devon for a loooong weekend to see the folks, I've completed another book cover . . . AND . . . I've completed two book trailers for Starfish Publishing's up-coming books.

The first is 'Warrior Heart' by Belle Noire, and the second is for my work, 'A Bribe For The Ferryman'.

Take a glance and see what y'all think :)

Happy watching.


  1. I like book trailers. I was gonna do one for my book (my publisher doesn't believe in them), but I got lazy. NO surprise really to anyone that knows me.

    1. lol...I love book trailers - and I'm loving being able to create them. There's big debate over these. Are they worth it or are they a waste of time? People differ. I suppose if you're in the position where you need to pay someone to make one for you then you may decide it's not worth it. But if you can make one yourself you've nothing really to lose. Trailers are just another nieche out there in internet marketing, just like facebook and twitter. If your book trailer only manages to produce one sale, it's still one more than before.