Friday 10 August 2012

Pic of the Week . . . A Bribe For The Ferryman

Last week I published the front cover for an up and coming novel, 'Warrior Heart'.  This week I thought I'd go along the same lines and publish the cover for my own work, 'A Bribe For The Ferryman'.  It consists of 5 short tales of the macabre, the blood-thirsty, the terrifying and the down-right wrong.  More details of each individual tale will follow nearer the time. 

'A Bribe For The Ferryman' will be published at the end of November under StarfishPC, along with other titles such as 'Apollo the Thirteenth' by Willaby, 'Book 1 of the Mad Worlds Trilogy' by L Godsave, and not forgeting, 'Warrior Heart' by Belle Noire.  Check out my new 'Book Covers' page to see all the book covers I've done to date.

It's all happening and you heard it here first :)

Enjoy and have a grand weekend...


  1. It's a wonderful cover. Who is responsible?

  2. Thanks Mike. I'm responsible. I do most of the cover art for StarfishPC :)

  3. I'm glad I asked then : ). It is a good cover. I'm just about to check out Starfish....

  4. Great! Be sure to check out my new 'Book Covers' page too. There are some new covers on there of books coming soon. I'm not sure you can see them on StarfishPC yet :)