Friday 3 August 2012

Pic of the Week . . . Book Covers

Something slightly different today...

For those who were around last year, you may remember that we, as in our Writers' Group, formed a small Publishing Cooperative - Starfish PC - and held a book launch.  We launched three novels out into the great wide yonder they call Amazon.  It's been a learning curve, but since then we've learnt a lot more and are now planning a second launch this coming November (weekend of the 24th).

So far we have three more novels that will be set loose, a possible forth, and a collection of short horror stories (by yours truly :D )  It's all very exciting, and now the ball has just starting to move in regards to preparation.  Some of the preparations include finding a venue to hold the launch - something that is a must - and then the fiddly bits that follow.  These include book marks, fliers, adverts, yada yada, etc etc, but none of these can really be done until we have the all important book covers ready. 

This task is down to me. 

So I've put my thinking cap on.  I have provisional ideas for most of the books that are due to be launched, and these will be finalised in due course.  However, on Wednesday, I completed the first cover.  It's been given the go ahead by the author, and now the marketing for this book can really begin - starting with the book trailer that is also down to yours truly :) .

So here it is, a little teaser to wet the appetite and to feed the hoards that will be waiting for the stampede to buy it.  This weeks Pic of the Week is the book cover for the up and coming novel, 'Warrior Heart', by Belle Noire, a historical romance set around the era of the Knights Templar.

Enjoy and have an awesome weekend.


  1. Very nice. I noticed the pic before I read what the book was about, and it evoked the Crusades for me. (Err, the Knights Templar were in the Crusades, right?) :) Hope everything comes together for the launch!

  2. Nice cover!

    Sounds like you're all making fabulous progress. Congrats on that! Best wishes of luck and success.