Friday, 8 July 2011

Pic of the Week . . . Edgar Mueller

I've been a bit busy today, and I blame my car for today's post being late. It's off the road at the moment, but we have a wonderful friend who is in the process of giving it some tender loving care. Anyway, because I've been busy, I haven't been able to give much thought into this week's Pic of the Week. Then, reading Michael Offutt's blog, my mind was made up for me.

He used a picture on his post by Street Artist Edgar Mueller. I think he's an extremely talented artist, not just for his ability with a bit of chalk, but for the ability to get his angles spot on when looking from a specific direction. He drawers on pavements and elongates the image so that when you stand in front of it, it looks in proportion and almost 3D. Here's an example.

I couldn't find a direct website for this guy, so instead, here's a link to the website where I found these. Having said that, you could always Google Edgar Mueller and check out the images...

Enjoy and have a good weekend!


  1. Oh yeah, I've seen this guy's work; freakin' AMAZING. Did you see any of the pictures of his work from other angles? It's crazy how he can do that.

  2. I've always found these types of drawing amazing. I take my hat off to their ability and creativity

  3. I agree Martin. It's one thing to draw a picture on a pavement, but it's another to fill an entire street like this.

    Anthony, yeah, I've seen quite a few of his pieces. One piece is of a swimmer with her leg in the air, but when you look from another angle the leg stretchs out for