Tuesday 13 December 2011

Public Speaking . . .

When you get published (yes, that's WHEN. You have to keep pessimistic in this game) and if you're lucky enough to have gone the traditional route with an agent and publisher, it will fall on you at some point in your career to do some public speaking. This can include book signings, lectures, conferences, etc, and all goes towards promotion for your book. Most publishers these days expect it from you. When it comes to marketing, you have to pull your weight, too.

Well, even though I've cheated and only published one book on Amazon Kindle (go buy ;D ) my public speaking days are starting tomorrow. I got asked yesterday if I could attend my 10 year old niece's school and give a talk to her class about writing and about how, even if someone says that their story is rubbish, they shouldn't give up. I mean, where would we be now if we all quit after our first writing failures?

At first I was worried that my niece had made me out to be an international best seller to her teacher (one can dream, lol) but when my sister intervened and explained who I was, she was still more than happy to have me. Turns out I'm a perfect candidate to talk about not giving up - after writing 16 novels and only having one published...lol.

Anyway, I shall let you know how I get on later (for some unknown reason, I feel more nervous talking to this bunch on 10 year olds than I did talking to adults at our book launch. Is that normal??).


  1. I wish you all the best! You'll do great. I can't wait to hear how it goes!

    In all honesty, speaking in front of a crowd scares me to death, because as soon as I stand, all thoughts drop out of my head.

  2. Thanks Peggy. It's exactly the same for me. I used to do a lot of theatre work when I was younger. I was a shy teenager, but getting involved in something like that really brings you out of your shell and the more you do it the easier it becomes...but as I said, that was years ago. Tomorrow should be interesting...lol x

  3. Oh my gosh! They're going to love you.

    That's the cool thing about kids. It's just the fact that you've accomplished something. That you're up there telling them about what you did and all the hard work it took. That's what amazes them.

    You didn't cheat. You're a published writer. An AUTHOR! Those kids are going to stare at you in awe. :)

    Go get em'!

  4. Good luck. And don't forget to read some of your novel. :)

  5. Public speaking terrifies me. I've never been good at it and have self-esteem issues about how I appear and am perceived by the public. Hmmm...maybe I should try and get more comfy with it. I don't know how though.

  6. lol...Martin, do you want me to give these kids nightmares??? I can't read from Son of Jack.

    Thanks everyone. Feeling somewhat terrified this morning, but I'm a laid back kinda person and I keep telling myself that somehow I'll wing it :)

    Michael, I've been there, low self-esteem and little confidence, but then I think of all the creative things I can do and wonder if anyone can do that kinda thing. If not, that makes me better than them and they'll have to accept how I look and how I present myself. Just thinking like this (but in an unselfish way lol)raises your esteem enough to feel better about yourself.

  7. This advice might be a bit late - I wanted to comment last night but my stepson was badly ill. Kids can be unnerving when they stare at you and seem to scrutinise you, but I am sure they'll be interested in what you have to say. I volunteered (for some insane reason) to talk to my stepdaughter's class when they were doing a programme of parents talking about their jobs. I thought I was going to throw up beforehand - I used to have a bad stutter and still struggle sometimes, so I had to take deep breaths and concentrate on speaking slowly. It wasn't as bad as I thought - although I don't think they were impressed that I hadn't earned a penny from writing seriously for four years! I even got quite a few questions (albeit all from girls).

    So, I'm sure you will do (or are doing) great! Remember, they WILL be interested, and it's exciting for them and a break from their normal routine. All the best!

  8. A suggestion. Try speaking in front of a video camera first. I wonder sometimes if it's the sound of our voices that is more intimidating than people watching us.