Friday 13 July 2012

Pic of the Week . . . HR Giger

A teenage favourite; I remember when HR Giger first came to my knowledge.  Back at school I was verging on the Gothic side.  I was the strange one, the weird one, and a lot of the time I illustrated that with my art.  My Art Teacher often couldn't wait to see what interesting, weird and wonderful things I would produce next.  So when I first discovered HR Giger, I loved him.  I had numerous pieces of his work stuck on my bedroom wall.

Now I look at his work and wonder.  Don't get me wrong, to say he's an absolute fantastic artist is an understatement.  To think of what he's contributed to many films - films that will go down in history as classics, such as Alien and Dune - is mind-boggling.  Then there are all the other things he's produced, such as the microphone stand for Johnathan Davies, the frontman in Korn.  He's a marvel to the world of dark art - but now I can't help but cringe at some of his work.    

Years ago, this wouldn't have bothered me.  In fact, it didn't.  But as I grow older I'm mellowing out, and there are certain things that I just don't like for anymore - such as gore.  I've never been a fan of films such as Saw or Hostel, films where their soal intent is to shock you with how many different ways they can cut up or kill their characters.  It makes me cringe.  Some of Giger's work now does that for me.  He mixes the mechanical and biological.  If ever the human race were invaded and farmed, his work describes exactly how I would picture it. 

But he still has some wonderful pieces that I can comfortably handle, including this piece.  And I do believe I even copied this for an art project back in my school days, although I can't remember if I ever handed it in or kept it...hmmm...

Enjoy and have an awesome weekend...


  1. Wow. There's something so creepy about stuff running out of the eyes. *shudders*

  2. Like the new look even if it is a bit too dark for my taste.