Friday 27 July 2012

Pic of the Week . . . Jim Warren

This week, weather wise, has been blinding.  After all those weeks of constant rain, we've finally been graced with some sunshine.  The temperatures have soared, and I swear I have a little colour on my shoulders ;)

Anyway, to celebrate this sudden change in weather, I wanted to go for a colourful, happy pick this week.  And who better than Jim Warren.

Jim Warren is the master of DreamScapes and his work is bright and vibrant yet mellow and soothing - and most of them incorporate a sunny beach and crashing waves in some way.  What better way to dream of spending a lazy sunny afternoon... 

Enjoy and have a happy, sunny weekend . . .


  1. Almost feels like I'm there. :D So relaxing.

  2. Beautiful. Now I want to go to the beach. Maybe this weekend. :)

  3. Love the beach - but my imagination runs away with me and I always find myself wondering what's out in that vast blue, watery expanse, and what mysteries can be washed ashore...This thought actually inspired my current WIP :)