Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Awards! Passing On That Smile...

Yep, I'm passing on that smile. I've been awarded with not two, but THREE blogger awards. Aren't I the lucky one.

Rules are the same as always: list seven random things about myself and then award seven (ish)others. As much as I love receiving blogger awards, I hate choosing which blogs to award. They're all fantastic!

But first, let's thank the bloggers that awarded me.

Kelley from Between The Bookends kindly awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award and the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you so much xxx


Nick Wilford from Scattergun Scriblings awarded me with yet another Versatile Blogger Award. Am I that versatile? So a huge thank you, Nick xxx

Go check out their blogs :)

So, seven things about myself. Hmm...here goes.

1: Yep, still blonde. This fact was reaffirmed after I tried to bank some money into the wrong bank at the weekend. The bank I needed was actually opposite. Opps...

2: I'm getting lazier by the minute. Working from home needs strict exercise regimes, something I'm not quite disciplined to uphold yet.

3: I'm addicted to the new version of Pacman on PS3.

4: Also addicted to LoveFilm (not Netflix)

5: Also addicted to Sherlock the series. I grrr in the direction of the BBC for only making three episodes per series and making me wait until later this year before I get to watch the next installment!!!!

6: Launched myself into the world of audio books while working.

7: My first audio book was Twilight. I've now moved on to NewMoon just out of curiosity. Yes, I'm enjoying them - they pass the time - but I can never see myself buying the books, I can't see what the huge hype is about and MY GOD do I want to slap Bella!!!

There you go. Now, who to award these to....hmm...

Jillian Kent at her blog 'Author Jillian Kent'

Blaze McRob at Blaze McRob's Tales Of Horror

E Arroyo at Chandara Writes

Mike Keyton at Record Of A Battled Spirit

Michael Offutt at Michael Offutt

Amberkraken at SuperZero (Still gotta love his blog)

And, new to the world of blogging...

Nephy over at Nephy's World (comes with a warning of adult content ;) )

To all of you, please accept both your awards with pride...


  1. I think we can form a line to slap Bella. LOL. Thanks for the award.

    1. THis reminds me of that scene from Airplane with Lesley Neilson where they are all queing up to slap that hysterical woman...lol

  2. Wow! What can I say, other than THANKYOU, THANKYOU!

    I will have to get busy and pass on the smile! So many deserving people!


  3. Thank you so much DRC. Congratulations too on all your awards.

  4. I'll slap Bella! I'll slap Bella! :)

  5. Congrats on your awards. I agree with your thoughts on working from home ;)

    1. Welcome Lynda and thanks. I hope you enjoy it here. Working from home is a nightmare, especially when it's cold and wet outside and you just don't want to go out

  6. I can comment on your blog again! I awarded you because your posts are thought-provoking and there's a good mix of stuff.

    I'm with you on number two. My new ploy is to walk up and down to the nursery to collect my daughter after writing. It's thinking time too!

  7. I've been having so many problems with comments just recently. And I'm not the only one either. Must be a glitch with blogger. Hope they sort it soon.

    Thank you for your kind words, Nick - and yes we all need to get out more. Walking to the nursery is an excellent opportunity. I need a dog, then there's no excuse. I have to go out walking. BUt I have a cat with a a bad heart at the moment and getting a dog just now wouldn't be a good idea. Need....More...Discipline...!!!

  8. DRC, Many thanks. Seven things about myself. Some creativity called for there, I'm afraid : )