Thursday 26 January 2012

Pic of the Week . . . Marcela Bolivar

My ickle fluffy kittie had a vet appointment yesterday. Can you believe it's been six months since she was diagnosed with heart failure? It's gone so quick. Anyway, she went for a six month check up, something she has to have before the vet can issue her medication.

I've not seen this vet before. The lady I usually see wasn't there, but this man was very nice - Australian I mention that he was very nice?

He listened to her heart, he listened to her lungs for fluid, and he felt for any fluid build up and all in all he said he's very impressed with her. She's even put on a few pounds in weight, which is unusual for a cat with her condition. So I'm very happy. My kittie is coping well and her medication is doing what it's supposed to do.

So I get to keep my feline writing buddy a little longer :)

Anyway, for this weeks Pic of the Week I was going to go along a Feline theme, but there wasn't that much jumping out at me to be honest, nothing that screamed 'I want to feature on your blog!'. I went the route of cats in general, Egyptian cats, witch's cats, but nothing caught my eye. However...something else did.

Introducing Marcela Bolivar. She's a photo manipulator and her work has definitely caught my eye. You should really check out her gallery. This piece came to my attention after googling witches so I can still get away with the feline theme.

I hope you enjoy and all have a fab weekend. 'Till next week...


  1. Holy crap. This pic is awesome. My eyes don't really know what to do with it :)

    And so sorry about your kitty. Glad to hear she's doing okay!

  2. The magic of photoshop. It can even make me look attractice...sort of.

  3. Photoshop is awesome for making stuff like this.

  4. "Photo manipulator." Wow. That sounds like an awesome job! And I love the picture of your kitty! Glad she is doing better.

  5. I'd love to dabble in photo manipulation. Maybe it's something I'll try at some point in the future. And after seeing this by chance, I couldn't not feature it. It's stunning.

    And kitty's still doing fine, thanks everyone x

  6. Holy cow, that is an awesome pic -- the second one. =]