Friday 20 April 2012

Pic of the Week . . . The Sky's The Limit . . .

It's been a typical April here this year. April showers galore.

I don't know about you guys but I love watching the sky. When there's a thunderstorm going on you'll usually find me with my face stuck to the window watching. I love a good thunderstorm and I love watching the clouds develop. Yesterday was of no exception.

Yesterday greeted us with our first thunderstorm of the year. It wasn't a major one - in fact, we rarely get good thunderstorms - but I couldn't help but sit here and watch the skies through my window. I haven't seen them turn that black in a long while. I even took a piccy on my phone (unfortunately it doesn't really do it justice, but I'm sure you can imagine).

So, for this week's Pic of the Week, I thought I'd go for something a little different. I'm just in total awe at what mother nature can throw at you.

Enjoy and have a grand weekend. I'm still waiting for the storms... :)


  1. I lOOOOOOVE storms. :-D Of course, there hasn't been any rain here this month. Or if there has, it was so little I don't even remember.

  2. We've been like that here but this week it seems to have dumped it all at once. I absolutely looooove storms too but we rarely get them were we live which frustrates me. What we had yesterday will probably be the only storm we'll get all year :(

  3. Storms are great to look at and experience...if you're indoors with a hot cup of tea and some cake.