Tuesday 17 April 2012

What's In A Main Title . . .

I've been thinking about my current WIP. It's a fantasy series yet not. It's a collection of stand-alone stories that can be read in no particular order, that rarely share same characters (except for the more legendary ones such as Sorcerers who may wander from novel to novel...) but set in one fantastical, mystery rich kingdom. Each story has it's own title and is independent from the last or the next - however, one thing keeps them joined together. One thing makes it a series.

The main title.

With all the works scattered out there, its the main title that keeps them all under the wing.

I've posted before about 'what makes a series' and even though most people see that a series of books should contain the same characters, this doesn't always have to be the case. Whereas it's great for the likes of Crime Thrillers and detective novels, it doesn't always work with other genres.

Anne Rice is a classic example. Her Vampire Chronicles is a series, yet many of those books are stand-alone with different characters.

Anyway, I'm not liking the main title I have at the moment. I knew it was a working one, but it stuck, and four novels later it still hasn't changed. I'm thinking it's about time I gave it nudge out the door, but I just need some inspiration first so I can replace it.

Some Examples:

1: The Dark Tower, by Stephen King (7 books in total, all with individual titles but same characters)

2: The Vampire Chronicles, by Anne Rice

3: Lord of the Rings by Tolkien (with the Fellowship, the Two Towers and The Return of the King)

4: The Demi-Monde by Rod Rees (With Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall)

Etc Etc...

So, throw some inspiration this way so I can finally give my working title the boot. What other series comes to your mind?


  1. What is your working title - why did you choose it - and tell us more what holds these stories together. Sorry to be so bossy, but at present there's no accessible handle for me come up with any suggestions - and I'd like to. (or is 'Fear the boot' the title in question)

  2. Fear of the Boot isn't the title, but what a title it would make. Can you imagine?

    My working title was something a friend came up with a year or so ago. 'Lieflund Sagas'. I didn't have anything else at the time so it stuck. Basically my fantasy stories are just random fantasy tales that are set in the same world, therefore each sharing the same laws, history, currency, etc, but the characters are different and the tales are different.

    I was thinking about the word 'Tuath' which is Gaelic for Kingdom, I believe. Maybe Sagas of the Tuath. Could see a selection of books sharing that one title? :)

  3. Often the name of the kingdom/world, or the most common factor is what ties the series together.

  4. Not too sure Saga and Gaelic would happily gell. However, Runes would since there was some interaction between Runes and ogham / Viking and the gaelic tradition. So, you could have variants of 'Rune Spirit' 'Spirit of the Runes' Rune-world, Rune Soul - But just check none of these have been used by gaming sites. Good luck and sorry this was all I could come up with

  5. Rune shadow/Shadow Rune. Okay, I'll stop now...Rune-fire...

  6. Hhmm...runes...the old brain is working now. thanks guys